Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Getting Cold

While many people this time of year are out and about taking in the beauty of nature's autumn colors, there is something else that's out too. It starts with a runny nose which leads to a cough. Our friend the cold has come to join in on the fun. What are some precautions that people who want to still get out and enjoy this beautiful season? How can they still do the activities they love without being weighed down by the rhino virus?

Some would simply say stay inside and wash your hands, but that isn't what outdoor enthusiasts want to hear. Sadly, though, that is just about all one can do. While prolonged exposure to cold weather doesn't necessarily cause the common cold, it certainly can help. The rhino virus is seasonal and usually starts to appear in the colder months.

There are many remedies that are said to cure or reduce the duration of the illness, but the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says that the best thing to do is get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and the use of cough drops or over the counter cold medicines are a good way to help out.

"I really enjoy getting outside and doing something constructive," said Kevin Lewis of Roland Oklahoma. "Last time I went hiking with my son and his friend I wasn't feeling too good though." After hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain, the most prominent peak in Oklahoma, with a slight cold, Lewis said that all he wanted to do was stay at the camp and sleep. "We hiked for at least three hours and after that I had to take a break even though I wanted to go explore the woods with them."

This Fall the best way to keep the cold out is to keep your hands clean and make sure to get plenty of rest. For those of you who still want to get out and enjoy the cool bite of this beautiful autumn weather, keep a bag of cough drops near and don't forget to take a nap.

Photos by Kacy Lewis


  1. Kacy,
    As usual, great shots. Now, start to bring in some experts - people beyond your personal circle - to the story. Here a quote from a health professional on how to handle a cold that comes on while you are in "the back woods" adds value. See them out!