Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Lake and the Soothing Effect of Photography

Even though Lake Thunderbird has a reputation for being not so great a lake to visit, there are still some very good reasons to give it a chance. When I mention that I'm going to go to the lake people often ask "Which lake?" I respond with Lake Thunderbird and they answer back with looks of disgust and repulsion. Yes, Thunderbird is a bit littered with trash on it's shores, but there are still lovely areas that haven't been spoiled.

Take this butterfly for instance. While walking around the shore I came across this little guy fluttering about. I took out my Nikon D-40 and approached it carefully, trying not to spook it. He was a very good model and I was able to take several shots, but liked this one the best. I continued my walk and came across this tree growing in the middle of a small bay-like area. It stood out so much I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. I had to take a picture.

Thunderbird didn't look so bad as I viewed it through my camera lens. Even though the rest of the area was covered in trash, I found peace while shooting away at the little pieces of nature that had not yet been spoiled. As I blocked out the rest of the world and looked through the viewfinder, nothing seemed to matter. I was alone with the image I was about to capture.

Going on a hike with the soul purpose of taking photos is a very good way to clear one's mind. If one can change their mode of thinking to that of the artist and focus on finding the beauty in nature, the stress of the day can be blocked out. If I need a good change of pace or if I feel that I'm getting to worked up I often charge up my camera and head off into the woods.

While this first blog isn't about much of anything, I hope the next one to come will be more. Right now I need a good photo hike or adventure to help calm my own worries. Next week I hope to talk about the new sport/craze of geocaching and share my own geocaching adventure. Till next time. Get out there and live!

Kacy Lewis

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